Protecting web applications from authentication attacks


  • Magdalena Dul Rzeszow University of Technology Author
  • Łukasz GUGAŁA University of Information Technology and Management, Poland Author
  • Kamil ŁABA University of Information Technology and Management, Poland Author



web application security, cybersecurity, 2fa, authentication


This paper explores the critical domain of safeguarding web-based applications against authentication attacks, recognizing the persistent challenges posed by evolving cyber threats. The project delineates the distinct objectives of such attacks, including data theft, identity theft, and service disruption, underlining their potential far-reaching implications, such as the compromise of sensitive corporate data and the execution of unauthorized administrative operations. It underscores the pivotal role of user awareness and education as the ultimate defense against authentication-related breaches. Robust security measures, encompassing the use of strong, intricate passwords, encrypted network communication, two-factor authentication, and the regulation of failed login attempts, are emphasized as essential safeguards. Additionally, the project underscores the significance of maintaining system components through regular updates and conducting comprehensive security audits. A holistic approach, integrating technical and human factors, underscores user awareness and ongoing training as indispensable elements in the endeavor to enhance security in an increasingly digital landscape. "Protecting Web Applications from Authentication Attacks" aims to equip its readers with a comprehensive understanding of authentication system security and offers practical directives for bolstering defense mechanisms in a professional and formal context.




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Dul, M., Łukasz GUGAŁA, & Kamil ŁABA. (2023). Protecting web applications from authentication attacks. Advances in Web Development Journal, 1(1).